Small Business

Cash flow is king for small business owners, and collecting monies due is a time consuming and frustrating process. Small businesses often need to extend credit to increase the buying power of their clients, but the management of these accounts receivable can make things more complicated.

Boutique Solutions for Small Businesses

Many small business owners feel that because they are not a huge corporation, collection agencies will not want to work with them. In most cases, they are right. To solve this problem, NCC Business Services has created customized programs to help small businesses recover funds owed to them. Small businesses can leverage the experience, technology and processes we provide to recover delinquent accounts and improve cash flow.

Affordable Collection Solutions

Collecting on delinquent accounts requires a balance when it comes to costs. Spending money to chase the potential of collecting money owed is a scary thought for most small business owners. NCC Business Services provides a flat contingent fee for collection services, allowing you to predict the costs and you have no obligation to us, unless we collect money for you.

Respectful Recovery Services

We understand the value that each customer can bring to your business and we are sensitive to the fact that you may want or need to do future business with a customer in collections. One of the greatest expenses for your business is a lost relationship and potentially tarnished reputation. Debt collection requires an examination of the facts, detached from personal conflict. By treating your customers with respect, we are in a unique position to help you recover what is owed while helping your customer get out and stay out of debt.