Healthcare Receivables

Collecting healthcare receivables requires an added degree of care. Compliance with HIPPA standards and other regulations creates added layers of complexity to the collection process, and our experienced team can help.

Customer Service

We understand the sensitivity of collecting medical receivables and provide your business with extended customer service capabilities. We can customize our engagement to fit into different parts of your account lifecycle and help you maximize value while minimizing risk. Our dedicated team receives specialized customer service and sensitivity training to create a positive environment for account resolution.

Healthcare Compliance

NCC Business Services is committed to regulatory compliance. Our Specialized Healthcare Debt Collection Business Unit has extensive experience recovering medical receivables and has developed a deep understanding of medical billing terminology, practices and requirements.

Business Office Integration

We support “early out” account placements, enabling you to leverage our customer service capabilities as a soft reminder to consumers about their outstanding accounts. Our dedicated call center specialists have the training, experience and regulatory knowledge to harmoniously perform as an extension of your business office. We can integrate into your technology systems and even provide a local phone number and “hot button” on your phone system for uninterrupted transferring of calls relating to collection matters, allowing your team to focus on providing top quality care for patients.