Credit Unions

NCC Business Services understands credit unions and offers specialized collection and recovery services geared to meet their unique needs. We help credit unions negotiate payments, while empowering members with information and tools to adjust to a new financial reality.

The Personal Touch

Your customers take pride in credit union membership and look to you for support, especially when facing personal or business financial hardships. Our professionally  trained representatives understand the sensitivity of credit union collection efforts and use our proven methods to recover funds without damaging the relationship with the member.

Extending Your Capabilities

NCC Business Services acts as an extension of your existing business process to increase your recovery capacity and provide additional human resources for customer service and collections. We pride ourselves on our compliance with federal, state and local laws and provide our clients with customized strategies to achieve their goals in each jurisdiction across the country.

Accounts can be placed using seamless integrations within your existing software solutions or simply by providing account information through another method such as FTP, email, or fax. As a full service collection agency, our services include account assessment, procedural review, customized reporting and much more.