About NCC Business Services

For decades, NCC Business Services has provided customized collection services, programs, and expert counsel to companies of all sizes across America, while providing our brand of positive engagement experiences to consumers.

NCC Business Services CEO Ed Pollan is overwhelmingly recognized by national corporate clients, peers, and even market competitors, as a visionary pioneer whose ideas for better practices, philosophy of respectful client engagement, and institution of ethical business operations, continue to influence the collections industry. Under Pollan’s leadership, NCC Business Services remains the distinctive leader in the national loss recovery business vertical, providing specialized solutions for collections puzzles like yours.

NCC Mission Statement

We cultivate consumer advocates our way, to effectively collect on debts for clients and help consumers navigate the hurdles of the debt collection process, treating people respectfully – as valued human beings – not just a number.

We specifically train our employees in all facets of ethical and regulatory protocols and processes to empower them to focus on providing an exceptionally positive and professional debt collection experience. We also teach our employees what should never be done: overextending consumers’ ability to pay, forcing commitments that can’t be met, and using intimidating tactics.

Our core philosophy of being “nice” at every level within the organization has ensured our longevity in a competitive marketplace for over 30 years.

Commitment to Excellence

NCC Business Services is committed to providing high-quality recovery services, while protecting their brand. We understand that our recovery efforts are a reflection of your business and we reach beyond minimal regulatory compliance requirements with our continued commitment to operating with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

We believe in building long-term business relationships and we work hard to earn and keep your trust. We treat each customer contact as an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to being your exceptional recovery partners.

Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team is a driving force behind making NCC Business Services great. With more than 30 years experience in accounts receivable management, we have developed proven methods, processes and systems to help our partners achieve their financial goals, while minimizing reputational risks.

NCC Business Services Team